Where I've been

It's been well over two years since I joined Australia's SBS News as a Senior Correspondent, and it's been a privilege.

For all that time, I've been working with some of the best in the business to tell stories both big and small; trying to amplify the voices of people and communities who might not always make the headlines.

I've broken bread with Yazidi refugees building new lives in rural Australia, cooked pasta amatriciana with Italian chefs in the ruins of their earthquake-devastated kitchens, shared meals with displaced Iraqi rappers in the Calais Jungle before it was torn down.

I've had the opportunity to interview former political prisoners, heads of state and spiritual leaders, as well as young Eritrean children on the run, gorilla keepers with big ambitions and Russian human rights activists.

It's work that's taken me from cyclone-ravaged Fiji to the halls of the European Council in Brussels and nation-defining elections in Malaysia and New Zealand.

Some of those stories feature here, in my updated showreel. Take a look.

I'll still be filing reports for SBS from around the world; but also pursuing other projects that bridge the art/documentary/social enterprise space. Do follow those adventures here.